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Critical Incident Stress Debriefings

Peaceful Solutions Counseling conducts critical incident stress debriefings for traumatic events, including death of an employee, workplace accidents, natural disasters and violence in the workplace.

Our trauma  response program includes immediate phone consultation, on-site management consultation, and critical incident stress debriefings. The goal of the trauma response program is to minimize the damage created by the ordeal and to speed the recovery process for both personnel and the organization.

Group debriefings and individual counseling are available for all employees. Evening and Weekend sessions may be conducted for the family members and friends of employees who could be affected by the incident and/or provide support to the employee.

Our specially trained counselors can conduct the debriefing at your work site or at a convient facility. We will recommend measures that your company can implement to help employees recover from the trauma. We will assist manager in recognizing post-trauma symptoms and  provide guidance on how to refer employees to the organization's EAP programs. During and after the debriefing, our counselors will identify and refer those employees needing further counseling and assistance. 

It is a difficult moment for organizations and employees, call today for assistance.